So You Wanna Know More About Us?

Understanding Tinnitus was founded around 2 years ago, we are a Charitable Organization that helps those affected by Tinnitus. Our main aim is to help people affected understand more about the condition and share positive factual information .

It all started 4 Years ago Co-Founder Adam was like most young men. Going out every week and then soon followed holidays abroad with friends. After one holiday however it changed his life in ways he couldn't describe

He got it!!! After loud amounts of noise Adam was now battling with Tinnitus and the conditions that are surrounded by this. After hitting a low Adam decided to start educating himself about the condition and how he could start living a normal life with Tinnitus as his best friend. After months that slowly went into years Adam can now say he is 4 years strong living a happy normal life with Tinnitus. With his journey Adam now wants to help people that are affected by this condition. For those that are affected we want to show you that you can live a happy normal life
Hey I'm Adam

source site The Guy With Tinnitus

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To help those effected by Tinnitus, to give those effected the belief
they can live in a world without worry of this condition