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July 16, 2017
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The Number Of Tinnitus Sufferers

1 In 10, that’s the statistics for people with tinnitus. When people speak about such statistics I find it incredible how these numbers are put together.

If 30 people were chosen at random would 3 people actually have tinnitus?

I doubt it however it does make you think how we have come up with a number like 1 in 10 people suffer from tinnitus and a further 10% of the same sufferers is affected to a point where day to day activities are very difficult. In today’s article, I want to share with you exactly where these statistics have come from and delve a little deeper into the detail

Common statistics for tinnitus (UK) which you will find on the internet are the following

  • 1 In 10 people have some kind of tinnitus this increases to 25-30% of over 70 years-old.

  • A further 10% are affected to a point it impacts their quality of life

  • 1 In 6 people in the UK with some form of hearing loss (potentially connected)

  • 900,000 people in the UK are severely or profoundly deaf

  • More than 70% of over 70 years-old and 40% of over 50 years-old source  have some kind of hearing loss.

Reading the above can be very alarming, with so many people affected it has always made me think why we are not speaking more about such a condition? When I think back to when I first developed tinnitus I wasn’t even aware what tinnitus was. If you told me 5 years ago that standing next to a speaker would damage my ears I would have probably given you a weird stare back to say you haven’t got a clue!

That’s one of the problems being young! We know everything….NOT!

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So where the Hell did these numbers come from?


These numbers have been put together by key studies over a number of years although there isn’t any recent study, 2 of the studies are as followed

  • UK – National Study of Hearing (carried out in 3 phases)

  • Adult data from the MRC Institute of Hearing Research key data indicates that, in the UK, 10% of adults have experienced prolonged spontaneous tinnitus, and that in 5% of adults tinnitus is reported to be moderately or severely annoying.

From the research carried out in both studies, it was found that 1 in 10 of sufferers is affected by tinnitus, similar studies have been carried out in the USA with surprisingly similar data. Although in the UK a recent key study hasn’t happened to understand if this number has gone up since the last key studies. It has been reported an estimated 32,000 new cases of tinnitus were diagnosed in England in 2015

From the data of UK tinnitus sufferers 17% of 40 to 69-year olds and 25–30% of over 70s are affected by tinnitus, It’s common knowledge that as we get older we are more receptive to developing this condition.

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Why are older people more affected?


Unfortunately as we get older the more common it will be to develop tinnitus and hearing loss, this can be due to many reasons

  • Over exposure to loud noise over a number of years

  • Damaged haircells inside of the ear due to old age

  • Bad Health

  • Medication/drugs

  • Lifestyle


buy provigil in uk How can we protect ourselves from developing tinnitus

  • In loud environments protect our ears using hearing protection

  • Exercise regularly

  • Don’t stand in front of the speakers when you’re on a night out

  • Looking after your health

When I find myself indulged in statistics before I know it 30 I’m

30  I’m going to develop this condition40 I will develop another condition and at 50 it’s all over. Statistics can be

40 I will develop another condition50 it’s all over. Statistics can be

50 it’s all over Statistics can be

That’s the thing with statistics they can be frightening, however the simple fact is that these are only statistics and doesn’t necessarily mean you will develop condition A or condition B.

Enjoy your life focus on the things that make you happy and get rid of the negatives that bring you down and I believe regardless of tinnitus or no tinnitus you will be happy!


My mission is to help anyone affected by Tinnitus go on and live a happy normal life. After being told I had Tinnitus 4 years ago due to excessively loud noise I had to quickly realize how to manage this condition on a daily basis. Through my journey Understanding Tinnitus was founded, here we share simple informative information that will help people with this condition on a daily basis.

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