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June 10, 2017
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Stop beating yourself up about what caused your tinnitus

Stop beating yourself up about what caused your tinnitus!

Are you a sufferer thinking about all of the reasons why you have tinnitus?

Maybe it was the years of playing in a band

Maybe it’s because of my age

Or maybe it’s the boss piling unnecessary pressure on yourself that’s getting you stressed

Speaking to a lady some weeks ago, she reached out to me and complained about the frustration with this condition. After an in-depth conversation it was clear. One of the main reasons this lady was becoming frustrated is due to the fact she believed that she could have done more to stop herself from getting this condition


“maybe I could have only performed on and off every month”


“why didn’t I wear earplugs”

This type of mindset you can spend hours followed by days thinking about all of the reasons why you may have tinnitus, unfortunately when we have this type of mindframe never stops with just one thought slowly a domino effect is caused. Negative thoughts followed by another negative thought followed by another


Who cares what caused yourself to develop this condition, because tinnitus thrives on fight or flight mode when we start having these thoughts about “I should have done this” “If I could have done this” automatically we start getting stressed and starts the cycle of frustration and overwhelm


Looking back there is nothing we can do, coming to the fact that you may have developed this condition due to loud noise, stress etc is something that we need to become at peace with.

Why Are We Hung Up On The Fact We Have Tinnitus?


Tinnitus can be frustrating, difficult, time-consuming and many other words that I probably shouldn’t say writing this article. Because tinnitus can be prevented in some cases many people become frustrated and blame themselves for getting this condition.

As humans, we always try to look towards the negatives or fix situations that are out of our control. Imagine If we had friends that treated us the way that many of us treat ourselves, they wouldn’t be our friends for very long. Imagine a friend who calls up just to complain–about you. Or an alleged friend who quickly says “stop moaning about your tinnitus” when you become frustrated. Or someone who encourages you to give up instead of encouraging you to do your best.


Self talk can become one of the most damaging mindsets to have and when we have this type of mindset we quickly need to address our thoughts ASAP

Some of the ways you can do this is by


follow url 1. Focus more on positive self-talk.


Make a conscious effort to stop beating yourself up. To do that, you need to be more aware of your negative self-talk, those negative comments that you make to yourself. Compliment yourself on the things you do well; acknowledge your achievements, no matter how small. Make a list at the end of each day of 5 things you did well, that made you happy, or that you are proud of doing. Write these down and then read them to yourself (out loud if possible) before you go to bed. This won’t eliminate all negative thinking, but if you can tip the scales toward the positive, it will help keep your energy up.


follow link 2. Be patient with yourself


It takes time to correct the harmful habits that you have had for most of your life, especially deep-rooted ones like self-criticism. Considerable effort is required to change the way you think and to foster positive self-talk to get to the calmer, more reasonable you. Your life is a work in progress, so commit each day to doing something positive for you. Practice until being naturally good to yourself becomes more comfortable. Most important, don’t beat yourself up when you don’t do it as well as you “should.”

Although the two topics above maybe easier said than done they have been proven to be of great value to many sufferers. Next time you find yourself sitting down becoming frustrated at what you could have done focus on the present and use the techniques above to free your mind


Hope you have enjoyed

Thanks Adam

My mission is to help anyone affected by Tinnitus go on and live a happy normal life. After being told I had Tinnitus 4 years ago due to excessively loud noise I had to quickly realize how to manage this condition on a daily basis. Through my journey Understanding Tinnitus was founded, here we share simple informative information that will help people with this condition on a daily basis.

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